WOD 03/11/2019


Four sets of:
Tempo Back Squat x 5-6 reps @ 42X1
Rest 3 minutes

Please note the tempo prescription – this is a slow, 4-second descent followed by a 2-second pause at the bottom. The athlete should then attempt to move the barbell quickly back to the starting position, pause for a full breath and brace at the top, and repeat for 5-6 reps. Start around 65-70% and use today to build to figure out what you are capable of for this rep scheme.

Every minute, on the minute, for 20 minutes (4 round):

Minute 1 – 30 Double Unders (max 30” work) + 8 Toes-to-Bar

Minute 2 – 10 DB Thrusters (22.5/15 Kg)

Minute 3 – 30 Double Unders (max 30” work) + 2-4 Muscle-Ups

Minute 4 – Rest


Ci sono due tipi di persone. Quelle che fanno le cose e quelle che affermano di averle fatte. Il primo gruppo è decisamente meno affollato.

(Mark Twain)